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Medical University of Graz

Summer Academy of
Pediatric Medicine

The aim of the Summer School of Pediatric Medicine is to introduce practitioners to various fields of pediatrics. A mixture of bedside teaching and lectures will be organized every day. The target audience is composed of different age groups to promote discussions and interactions between younger and more senior colleagues.

Courses extend over 4 weeks and include clinical work in the morning, clinical lectures at noon, and interactive case reports or research talks in the afternoons, given by local doctors and scientists. Language of instruction is English. Students and physicians all over the world, including both junior colleagues in training in pediatrics and more experienced practitioners, are invited to join the Summer School of Pediatric Medicine. Participation is only possible for incomings of the students’ exchange programs of the Medical University of Graz. Further information on the application for these programs is available here.

The Summer Academy of Pediatric Medicine is organised by ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich Sorantin and Dr. Jörg Jahnel in Cooperation with Ceepus (Network AT-0042-12-1516 Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange).

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