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Clinical Fellowship at Med Uni Graz

Fellows, as defined by the Medical University of Graz, are well-educated physicians in the fields of human and dental medicine from all over the world, who want to gain clinical experience to enhance their qualifications and progress their career through a practical hands-on experience at the LKH-University Hospital Graz for a minimum duration of 3 and a maximum duration of 12 months.

The aim of the Clinical Fellowship is the expansion of subject-specific knowledge and skills in an experienced team at the LKH-Univ. Hospital Graz. During the application process, the potential fellow, together with the host department/division/institute, will establish the scientific focus and consolidate the information in an individual Research- and Educational Program.

The decision to receive a clinical fellow lies within the host department/division/institute. Clinical Fellows are not allowed to perform on-call-duties, but they shall be integrated in the team under consideration of legal requirements and supervision.

Clinical Fellows may also attend courses and journal clubs offered by PhD-programs or Doctoral Programs if they are interested and the workload allows for it.

The Clinical Fellowship does not establish an employment contract with Med Uni Graz. The fellow has to have an active employment contract at his*her home institution for the whole duration of his*her fellowship. The financing, as well as, the organization of the stay lies within the responsibility of the fellow. The financing of the stay by funding authorities (official scholarships…) is allowed if they are permitted by the framework of the Clinical Fellowship.

The administration fee for the Clinical Fellowship is EUR 700.00.


Proof of knowledge in the German and/or English language must be handed in during the application process. Knowledge of the German language increases the learning output of the stay as the majority of consultations with patients, case presentations and meetings are conducted in German.


At the end of the Clinical Fellowship the fellow will receive a certificate.

Other options

Non-scientific stays at LKH-Univ. Hospital of Graz with a duration of less than three months may be carried out as volunteers with the KAGes (Volontariat).

If the activity at the hospital does not involve direct patient contact and/ or does not have a scientific objective, the Observership Program may be a suitable alternative.


Application Process

Potential fellows directly contact the departments/divisions/institutes and hand in a CV and a motivation letter. If there is an interest in taking in the applicant and the essential resources allow the hosting of a fellow, the application process starts.

Med Uni Graz does not assist in finding placements at the LKH-Univ. Hospital Graz for Clinical Fellows.

As soon as the International Office has received the fully signed Letter of Intent from the host department/division/institute the International Office contacts the potential fellow and sends him*her detailed information about the application process. It is important to hand in the Letter of Intent about 7 months prior to the beginning of the planned Clinical Fellowship.

The Clinical Fellowship can only enter into realization once the required framework has been set and all necessary conditions are fulfilled. The application form (sample) can offer an overview of the documents that have to be submitted.

An approval can only be given after the submission of the complete application documents 6 months prior to the beginning of the Clinical Fellowship.

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