International Office

Erasmus+ KA 103: Mobility within European Programme Countries

Inviting Staff Members to Med Uni Graz

Erasmus+ KA 103 supports incoming staff mobility for teaching and for training. Within this programme, Med Uni Graz staff members can invite staff from higher education institutions from other Erasmus+ programme countries: EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey.

Funding is always handled by the incoming staff member's home institution.

Med Uni Graz has about 60 Erasmus+ KA 103 partners in more than 15 European countries. If Med Uni Graz does not maintain a partnership in your field of work/research, please contact the International Office and the International Office will evaluate the options.

Please inform the International Office about incoming teaching staff and other Erasmus+ guests.

Details about staff mobility for teaching and for training (in German): Richtlinien der Nationalagentur, page 28-33.

Incoming Staff Mobility for Teaching

Personal contacts to a clinical department/division or an institute and an invitation are pre-requisites for a teaching stay.

Incoming Staff Mobility for Training

Staff Training can be organized at clinical departments/divisions, institutes or organizational units of Med Uni Graz. The format can be a training, a workshop or a job shadowing at Med Uni Graz. Personal contacts or the application to a pre-existing program (e.g. staff week) are a pre-requisite for a stay.

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