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Only a limited number of placements are available each month and not all specialties are available at all times.

Please consider that most departments are fully booked till the end of 2019!
Applications have to be submitted at least 7 months prior to the planned observership period. Please note that no confirmations are issued more than 6 months prior to the observership.

List of Clinical Departments

A list of all clinical departments and pre-clinical institutes can be found here.


  • Please consider, that the national language in Austria is German.
  • Day to day operations in the hospital are conducted in German.
  • Doctors speak to the patients in German.

The supervisors of our observers will translate important information into English. Please be advised that not everything in the clinical routine can be translated and that the well-being and comfort of our patients is our priority.

Knowledge of German is a definite advantage!

Immunisation Requirements

The immunisation requirements need to be fulfilled at the time of arrival in Graz.
Observers are not allowed to start their observership without proper immunisation.


For this clinical training for international medical graduates and students an observership fee has to be paid. Different fees apply for undergraduates and graduates and fees also vary according to the type of observership (general observership, specialty observership) and length.

  • For a general observership for doctors, a fee of 400 EUR has to be paid for the first 2 weeks, for each additional week a fee of 150 EUR applies.
  • For medical students the fee is 400 EUR per month.
  • Specialty observerships (customized, intensive programs) have different fees.
  • Scholarships may be awarded to students/doctors from least developed countries according to OECD.

Please contact Irene Stradner for details.


Upon successful completion of the training, observers receive a certificate by the Medical University of Graz.

The city of Graz

The small and safe city of Graz (population ~300.000) is not only a UNESCO world heritage because of its historical old-town but was also the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003. Graz is the second-largest city in Austria, 200 kilometers away from the capital Vienna and has six universities.

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