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Student Reports Observership Program

Ahmed Sabra, Alexandria University, Egypt

I had the opportunity to spend 1 month in the observership program and it was for sure one of the most amazing experiences I 've had so far. Graz city itself feels like home, everyone all over the city is friendly ; especially at the university. The staff was extremely helpful, including the doctors, the professors, the nursers, the administrative staff and the students over there. I 've had the opportunity to precisely observe and even assist in many operations in several fields of dentistry, especially surgery. I met colleagues from all around the world which was definitely self-enriching. I 'd unquestionably recommend the program for anyone seeking education abroad!

Uyanga Batzorig, National Dermatology Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

I really had great time in Graz. People are kind and they made me feel so good during my stay in this city. The city is full of historic buildings and the weather was just perfect for me. I spent a month doing observership at the Research Unit Dermatopathology, Medical University of Graz. I want to express my sincere gratitude to prof.dr.Lorenzo Cerroni, director of the Research Unit Dermatopathology because he gave me this big opportunity to study here in beautiful and peaceful city, Graz, Austria. Learning from one of the best dermatopathologist of the world with other doctors from Italy was great expereince for me. I want to express my gratitude to prof.dr.Steven Kaddu for giving me suggestions on seeing the histology slides and to dr.Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof who let me look around the ward.

In addition, I would like to thank Italian doctors who are studying dermatopathology as well for their help and kindness. Special thanks go to the laboratory technicians who showed me what they do and explained those things to me besides their busy work and the dermatology residents for explaining the patient’s situation. Before I leave the city, I met the kind and energetic people, Christina Schönbacher, and Irene Stradner from the International Office of Graz Medical University. I really appreciate that they gave me this opportunity to meet many doctors from other countries and to express my feelings and gratitude to all the people who helped me here in Graz.

Hsuan-Yu Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

I had a great time during my exchange at pediatric surgery department for four weeks. Although I couldn't speak German, the staff was willing to explain everything to me in English. I recommend this program to students/doctors from abroad to have the chance to be trained at the Medical University of Graz!

Damilola Lois Oladipo, V.N. Karazin National University, Kharkov, Ukraine

Graz is a very wonderful City. The observership program was mindblowing. The doctors were very patient, friendly and are ever ready to carry you along with each peculiar case. Classes were also organized in English giving us more room to learn and meet other foreigners. It was a lovely experience.

Dr. Radu and Simona Merchea, National Institute of ENT, Vrancea, Romania

My wife and I visited the ENT department at the Medical University of Graz for 2 weeks in November 2016. We are both ENT doctors. The time we spent there was absolutely marvelous. The department looks very hightech and the people are really friendly. We were assigned to a doctor, who was our supervisor, he was also really kind - he presented the department and made us feeling at home. It was such a great benefit for us, that we registered again for another hands-on course in summer 2017 in Graz!
The Medical University of Graz is a must!

Dr. Jianfeng Wang, Shanghai First People's Hospital, Shanghai, China

It was a wonderful experience to me to join the observership program at the Medical University of Graz. The surgeons and nurses were friendly and helpful, I have seen and participated in a lot of operations. I can use the techniques, which I learned here in Graz, at home. My supervisor was really nice, I really learned a lot from him. Graz is a quiet and beautiful city. I'm really happy, that I also had the chance to be here in spring 2017 and to enjoy the beauty of Graz.

Stephen B. Williams, M.D., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

I have had the most incredible experience in Graz, personally and professionally. I would highly recommend any medical student to rotate through this fine institution.

Dr. Debina Acharya, Bir Hospital, NAMS, Nepal:

I had an incredible international learning experience within the medical Observership Program at the Medical University of Graz. I got the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills on surgery at the Department of Traumatology. The team members were very friendly and helpful, English language was never an issue. Graz is one of the finest cities in Austria to experience with. I highly recommend the observership program to medical doctors around the world, it is one of the must experience program. I highly appreciate the thorough and very professional support of Irene Stradner, International Relations and Postgraduate School.


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