International Office

Short Courses

The short courses are offered in various fields and specializations and allow those interested to deepen their knowledge of the selected field and to participate in English taught programs. For target groups and registration criteria, please refer to the links provided.

Programs organized by Med Uni Graz

Short Courses with bilateral cooperation partners

  • Medicine and Literature with the University of Missouri -
    Kansas City, USA
  • Nursing Science - Care of older persons and chronic illness
    aspects with La Trobe University, Australia
  • Nursing Science - Elder Care with St. Francis University, USA

The short courses are jointly developed by faculty members in Graz and at the bilateral partner institutions and organized with the help of the international office.

They are offered as faculty led programs (co-taught by faculty from the partner and Graz) or programs where students join classes organized for them at Med Uni Graz.

In some cases these programs are offered at both the home and the host institution, allowing for interchange of students from both places. Med Uni Graz welcomes students from Graz who are interested in participating in these programs as well.

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