International Office


Mag.phil. Heidrun Mörtl

Email: heidrun.moertl(at)
Phone: +4331638573674

  • Director
  • Acquisition of new partnerships
  • Marketing and international representation of the university
  • Development of new business opportunities/programs
  • Internationalization

Silvia Adler

Email: silvia.adler(at) I erasmus-outgoing(at)

Phone: +4331638573676

  • Erasmus+ KA103 Student Mobility for Studies and Traineeships (Outgoing)
  • Erasmus+ KA103 Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA) and Training (STT)
  • Guest Professorship

Mag.phil. Christiane Grün

Email: christiane.gruen(at)
Phone: +4331638573679
Office days: Wed & Thur

  • Freemover Scholarships for self-organized stays abroad (clinical rotations, rotations in the 6th year, rotations nursing science)Electives Worldwide & Clinical Rotations Exchange
    • Brazil (Nursing)
  • Scholarships - Doctoral Programme Nursing Science
  • Short Programs (Summer Schools, Winter Schools)
  • Teaching in English Program

Michaela Kahr, BA

Email: m.kahr(at)
Office days: Fri

  •  ERASMUS+ Team Assistance

Veronika Rechberger, MA

Email: veronika.rechberger(at) I welcomecenter(at)
Phone: +4331638573695

    • Welcome Center

    Mag. (FH) Petra Schneeberger-Papst

    Email: petra.papst(at)
    Phone: +4331638573692
    Office days: Tue, Wed & Thur

    • 2nd Deputy Director of International Office
    • Clinical Rotations Exchange
    • ERASMUS+ KA107 Student Mobility for Traineeships (SMT) Albania (In/Out), Australia (Out), Colombia (In/Out), Dominican Republic (In/Out), Mexico (In), Nepal (In), USA (Out)
    • "Zähne für Afrika" (transl. teeth for Africa)
    • Intercultural Competence - free elective (in planning)

    * In=Incoming / Out=Outgoing

    Martin Tarnavski

    Email: observership(at)
    Phone: +43 (0)316/385-73675

    • Observership Program

    Mag.phil. Iris Topolovec

    Email: iris.topolovec(at)
    Phone: +4331638573694
    Office days: Mon - Thur

    • Cooperation Agreements
    • Program Manager ERASMUS+ KA107 International Credit Mobility (Inter-Institutional Agreements, Grant Application and Reporting, General Administration I Funding)
    • Project Management (local, national and international e.g. Eurasia-Pacific Uninet, ASEA-Uninet)
    • PR
    • Event Management

    Lydia Tropper, MES

    Email: observership(at)
    Phone: +4331638571628
    Office days: Mon - Thur

    • Observership Program

    Mag.phil. Birgit Vogel

    Email: birgit.vogel(at)
    Phone: +4331638573677
    Office days: Mon - Thur

    • Administration Erasmus+ KA103 (Inter-Institutional Agreements, Grant Application and Reporting)
    • Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies (SMS) Incoming
    • Joint Study (Mexico, Brazil)
    • ERASMUS+ KA107 Student Mobility for Studies Mexico
    • Conceptualization and administrative support of EU-Projects (e.g. ERASMUS+ KA107)

    Mag.rer.nat. Karin Weinberger

    Email: karin.weinberger(at)
    Phone: +4331638573678
    Office days: Mon - Thur

    • Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships (KA103) Incoming
    • Ceepus Program
    • Marshallplan Scholarships
    • Muniverse
    • VMC Moodle
    • Forschungportal
    • MEDonline
    • Library