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Statement about mobility by the Vice-Rectors

Curiosity is one of the most important driving factors of human beings. Curiosity motivates us to learn, to explore and develop new things, to venture off the beaten path. Curiosity is the driving factor for learning and mobility.

There is no better time for gaining international experience than without work-related and/or familial responsibilities, while studying at university and/or immediately following graduation: learning another language, getting to know foreign cultures and gaining insight into educational, research and health systems are all part of the experience.

Researchers and teaching staff have long considered international mobility as integral parts of their work – the scientific community is global, constantly growing and cooperating. The possibility of experiencing another (research)culture first-hand and establishing contacts possibly leading to long-term research collaborations present unique opportunities to the mobility participants.

We wish all Outgoings a productive time abroad, invaluable experiences and the certainty to have contributed to their self-development by spending time abroad. Return to Med Uni Graz with the experience of a lifetime.

Mag.a Sabine Vogl
Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies

Mag.a Caroline Schober-Trummler
Vice-Rector for Research and International Affairs

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