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After the end of the study abroad period

  • within 2 weeks after the end of the mobility

    • Completion of the EU-Survey (questionnaire) in the Mobility Tool (notification will be sent by e-mail including link to the EU-Survey at the end of the stay)
  • within 30 days of the end of the period

    • from SS 2019: Presentation of the Learning Agreement "After the Mobility"; - signed by the host institution - to the International Office
    • Presentation of the confirmation of attendance at the Erasmus - Referat Graz (Fr. Weixler/OeAD ) or, if applicable, at the study assistance authority
  • after completion of the EU-Survey and presentation of a confirmation of attendance, as well as possible language course - and/or internship confirmations

    • Students who have signed Agreement A will receive the remainder of the daily calculated Mobility Grant after they have completed the EU Survey in due time and submitted a correct confirmation of attendance as well as any language course and/or internship confirmations. 
    • Students who have signed an agreement C (recipients of study grants) will at most receive a top-up from national funds (according to the top-up rates of the Erasmus grant table 2019/20).
  • within 2 months of the end of the period

    • Recognition of study achievements completed abroad by the Rector of Studies (printed application from MEDonline, to be submitted together with Transcript of Records) -> for stays ending at the end of June 2019 or later, until 15. 11. 2019; The Medical University of Graz can only guarantee timely completion if the application is submitted in full by 15.09.2019 at the latest.
    • Submit narrative report to the International Office by e-mail
    • from 2019/20: If applicable, submit the original receipts for language course grants applied for and approved in advance to the International Office; previous students will continue with the procedure as before.
  • after the end - OLS (if applicable) - final language assessment/language test

  • thereafter/at any time

    • Selected students must, at the request of the National Agency, provide evidence of advance recognition, Learning Agreement/s and actual recognition.


The coordinator is on sick leave until further notice. In the meantime please contact Ms Heidrun Moertl.

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