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Application process

The application for an ERASMUS+ place begins in the autumn of the academic year preceding the desired period of the stay abroad with participating in the first information event at the end of October. Then you have time until the end of November to decide on a destination, and then in December, before the Christmas holidays, to submit your application to the departmental coordinators


The coordinator is on sick leave until further notice. In the meantime please contact Ms Heidrun Moertl.


Step by Step

Middle/End of October

Participation in the first information event

Application for the main application deadline

End of November

Please note that the application process will change from autumn 2019. Further information will be provided in a timely manner.

Documents to be submitted to the departmental coordinator:

  • Application form (to be filled in on the computer)
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Transcript of records (proof of academic success) at the latest level (subsequent submissions after application deadline not possible!)
  • Letter of motivation with academic justification
  • Proof of required language skills (e. g. certificate, language course confirmations) - the required levels can be found in the partner list if applicable
  • proof of mentoring activity for incoming students
  • The last certificates of the respective study cycle are to be brought along to the nomination session (FAs and SSMs on the proof of academic success should be marked with a coloured marker and numbered, e. g. FAs 1,2,3,. . . yellow and SSMs 1. 2. 3. . . green!)
  • Please hand in the documents personally or send them by post - do not send them by e-mail
  •  Attention, a nomination of the Med University Graz is not to be equated with the commitment of the partner institution. Any further application steps are necessary.


  • Nomination by the department coordinator to the International Office
  • Attention: a nomination of the Medical University of Graz is not to be equated with the acceptance through the partner institution. Any further application steps are necessary..

Application for remaining places

Students who apply for a remaining place do not have to hand in the above-mentioned documents to the department coordinator, but send them directly to the International Office by e-mail (silvia.adler@medunigraz. at) by 15 February 2019 the latest. The documents must be sent as 1 combined PDF. The International Office then takes care of further coordination with the departmental coordinators.

Before applying, students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the study programme offered at the universities of their choice.

Only complete applications submitted by the deadline will be processed.

Further steps for all nominated students

till February 15 (remaining places till end of February)

Submission of the deposit confirmation personally or by e-mail (pdf-Scan) and payment of the deposit. Information will be announced with the nomination.

Beginning of March

Information event for the nominated students on applying for a scholarship and applying for an ERASMUS+ scholarship - please prepare the Application package (filling in help) after nomination by the International Office to the host institution

after nomination by the International Office to the host institution

Application to the respective host institution: different application packages or online applications and application deadlines (see websites of partner universities)

after approval by the host institution

after selection of the study programme at the host institution

Issue of the "advance notice/prerecognition" (guidelines) and Learning Agreements (part of the Application package)

Additional period of application for remaining places: for stays starting in the winter semester: until the end of May/the end of June before and for stays in the SS until the first Friday in October before

after nomination in "Students Online" and for OLS- Assessment

  • check and correct the data in the "Students Online" database (please report mistakes or changes to Silvia Adler)
  • take the language test (assessment) in Online Linguistic Support (OLS) and take advantage of the online language courses

as soon as available

  • Submission of a copy of the "advance notification/prerecognition" to the International Office
  • Submission of the Learning Agreement with all signatures (student, vice-rector, host institution) to the International Office.

20 days before departure

The contract is made available online by the ERASMUS+ department (via the "Students Online"; database); the contract is submitted to the ERASMUS+ department Graz.

Application for an extension of the study abroad period

Possible extensions of the ERASMUS+ study period must be discussed in advance with the outgoing coordinator at the Medical University of Graz. The application for extension form must be submitted by the deadline. Information on the deadlines can be obtained directly from the coordinator.

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