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The Medical University of Graz supports the mobility of students within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements. Students may participate in student exchange or clinical rotations at the partner institutions and thus expand their medical skills and horizon.

Med Uni Graz entertains bilateral partnerships in Africa, Oceania, North-, Central,- and South America as well as in the Caribbean.

Information on the partner institutions as well as the application criteria can be found on the individual sub-sections.

Application Deadline

Call closed.

The next regular application period is in the fall of 2019. The exact dates will be announced in due time.

Placement criteria

  • Study progress and GPA
  • Language skills
  • Mentoring
  • Medical English
  • Additional qualificaitons

After confirmation of placement

  • Signing of the grant contract
  • Payment of the deposit
  • Handing in the Learning Agreement (the document has to first be handed in at the One-Stop-Shop and has to be signed by the student, Vice-Rector and the host institution before submitting it to the International Office)

Additional Information

  • Students may only be funded for participation in Med Uni Graz funded programs twice during the whole period of studies (Clinical Rotations, Freemover), other programs such as CEEPUS and ERASMUS+ are exempt from this rule
  • only one application per academic year is possible
  • students receiving student aid "Studienbeihilfe" have to apply for funding through this authority and will not be awarded a grant from Med Uni Graz
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