International Office

During the Mobility

Should you want to change a course/module (e.g. the chosen course is not available anymore or you chose another course) during your stay please fill in the part „During the Mobility“ of your Learning Agreement. Please have it signed and send this document together with the additional Prerecognition (Vorausanerkennung) to the International Office ( We will forward it to Dean of Study Affairs.

After the Mobility

  • within 2 weeks after the end of the mobility

    • Completion of the EU-Survey (questionnaire) in the Mobility Tool (notification will be sent by e-mail including link to the EU-Survey at the end of the stay)
  • within 30 days of the end of the period

    • Presentation of the Learning Agreement "After the Mobility"; filled in on the computer and signed by the host institution - to the International Office
    • Presentation of the confirmation of attendance at the Erasmus - Referat Graz (Fr. Weixler/OeAD ) or, if applicable, at the study assistance authority
  • after completion of the EU-Survey and presentation of a confirmation of attendance, as well as possible language course - and/or internship confirmations

    • Students who have signed Agreement A will receive the remainder of the daily calculated Mobility Grant after they have completed the EU Survey in due time and submitted a correct confirmation of attendance as well as any language course and/or internship confirmations. 
    • Students who have signed an agreement C (recipients of study grants) will at most receive a top-up from national funds (according to the top-up rates of the Erasmus grant table 2019/20).
  • within 2 months of the end of the period

    • Recognition of study achievements completed abroad by the Rector of Studies (printed application from MEDonline, to be submitted together with Transcript of Records) -> for stays ending at the end of June or later, until November 30; the Medical University of Graz can only guarantee timely completion if the application is submitted in full by September 30 at the latest. Students are encouraged to start the process asap.
    • Submit narrative report to the International Office by email
    • If applicable, submit the original receipts for language course grants applied for and approved in advance to the International Office
  • after the end - OLS (if applicable) - final language assessment/language test

  • thereafter/at any time

    • Selected students must, at the request of the National Agency, provide evidence of advance recognition, Learning Agreement/s and actual recognition.
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