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Variants and possibilities

  • Full-time studies (incl. internships) abroad  
  • Work as part of a term paper, project work, diploma thesis, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or dissertation 
  • Acquire/deepen foreign language skills: preparatory language courses and/or EILC (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses) for lesser-used languages
  • Acquiring intercultural competence 

Eligibility requirements

  • Requirements (OeAD leaflet)
  • regular student of an eligible university of an EU/EEA or associated country (applicant countries) 
  • the first year of basic studies completed (in practice, however, rather with completion of PM XII)
  • Knowledge of the language of the host university's country (at least you should be able to prove that you have enrolled in a language course when applying)
  • Mandatory advance notice on the creditability/prerecognition of the study programme  (PRE-/RECOGNITION NEW (guidelines etc.) ; details in the area of application procedure) 
  • the actual recognition must be proven after the stay.


The ERASMUS+ scholarship is administered and paid out by the OeAD (Austrian Exchange Service) or the Studienbeihilfenbehörde (for those receiving a study grant on request).

  • Subsidy to cover the increased costs of living abroad
  • Eligible from at least full 3 months (e. g. 03. 09. -02. 12. or a full trimester) abroad
  • max. 24 months (ERASMUS+ internship in the same study cycle reduces the maximum duration accordingly; to be completed between June 1st of one year and September 30th of the following year)
  • Online Linguistic Support: before and after the Erasmus stay the nominated students have to undergo an assessment of their language skills in the language relevant for the studies abroad (except native language).
  • exemption from tuition fees at the host university
  • Information sheet on subsidy rates
  • disbursed by OeAD GmbH on bank account
  • additional funds for special needs and students with children (see Fact Sheet - in German)
  • Double funding is not permitted (no further ministerial or EU funds!
  • if necessary, exemption from tuition fees at the home university on application
  • Students must take care of sufficient insurance themselves (ÖH insurance is also valid for study abroad)

Travel expenses/language course subsidy

Funding for travel support terminates at the end of the academic year 2019/20Depending on the available funds, Med Uni Graz, may award grants for language courses and travel expenses. Nominated students applying for a funding of travel and/or language expenses must submit the application form before the start of their stay abroad. Submissions after the start of the mobility can no longer be accepted.

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