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ERASMUS+ Student Mobility
for Traineeships (SMT)

ERASMUS+ is a mobility programme of the European Union, which enables students to complete part of their studies at a European partner institution. The aim of the mobility is to deepen their knowledge, to gain a different perspective and to improve their academic skills.

ERASMUS+ Traineeships for students

Traineeships can be completed at any university hospital or teaching hospital in the European Union, eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme and are independent of the Erasmus+ bilateral partnerships required for student exchange.

ERASMUS+ Traineeship for graduates

After completion of each study cycle (BA, MA, Diploma, PhD) graduataes have the possibility of applying for a graduate traineeship. The scholarship application must be submitted before the student graduates and completed within 12 months after graduation. The possible duration of the internship depends on the number of ERASMUS+ stays completed during the study cycle that the student is currently in. The maximum stay is 12 months.

Brief information

  • min. 2 months
  • max. 24 monats (Erasmus+ mobilty for studies completed in the same study cycle reduce the maximum duration)
  • Traineeship achievments must either be officially accredited (if enrolled at an institution of higher education at the same time)and the feasibility of the traineeship as well as its qualitative requirements must be confirmed at least by means of the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeship.
  • Further information on assessment and deadlines for submission

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