International Office

Application and forms

Application process

at least 3 months before the start of the planned stay abroad (including obtaining signatures)

  1. Organization of the internship for a duration of at least 2 months (independent) - at KPJ 1. /2. Tertial at least 16 weeks in a clinic in one piece, details see Training Agreement
  2. Correct completion of the Training Agreement together with the host institution (on the computer) and obtaining the necessary signatures (student, host institution (incl. supervisor at the host institution) or, in the case of PhD students, also from the supervisor at the Med University Graz. The signature of the principal must be obtained from the One-Stop-Shop.
  3. At least 2 months before the start of the internship:
    - Application form

    - training agreement signed by all parties
    - proof of language skills of at least B2
    If the Training Agreement is not yet available at this time, a timely nomination cannot be guaranteed
    All documents have to be handed in as 1 PDF file (filled in on the computer) to the coordinator at the International Office.
  4. Before the stay, all ERASMUS+ SMT students are required to carry out a "pre-recognition" according to §78 UG (guidelines) (documents to be submitted: invitation of the host institution, proof of knowledge of the relevant language (contact with patients!)).
  5. The nomination is made by the International Office to the scholarship provider OeAD (Austrian Exchange Service/National Agency) in the "Students Online" database at least 14 days before the start of the stay.
  6. The contract must be signed at the OeAD (via the "Students Online"; database) before departure.


Online Linguistic Support

Students must complete a language assessment of their language skills in the OLS system before and after the Erasmus+ stay (except native language). An invitation will be sent to nominated students via email.

Application for an extension of the study abroad period

Possible extensions of the ERASMUS+ study period must be discussed in advance with the outgoing coordinator at Med Uni Graz. The application for extension form must be submitted by the deadline. Information on the deadlines can be obtained directly from the coordinator.

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