International Office

Overall conditions


Requirements (OeAD leaflet)

Variants and possibilities

  • Target institutions may be located in any country eligible to participate in the Erasmus+ programme (the 27 Member States of the European Union, plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, Turkey and Croatia - Switzerland is excluded from the Erasmus+ programme).
  • The International Office cannot arrange internships. Please contact the host institutions and/or host hospitals independently.
  • Regular students of Med Uni Graz, who are planning a mobility to Germany and whose home country is Germany, must contact the International Office before applying.
  • An application for an ERASMUS+ scholarship is only possible with the approval of the target institution (Training Agreement).
  • In the case of PhD students, the permission of the supervisor must also be obtained (Training Agreement).

Traineeships for students

  • First year of undergraduate studies completed
  • Full-time student of a higher education institution of an EU/EEA or associated country (candidate countries)
  • For internships abroad for the diploma program in human medicine (O 202), the host institution must be a teaching hospital; at least one university lecturer must be found at the host institution as supervisor.
  • Independent of Erasmus+ bilateral partnerships (usually necessary for exchange study places)
  • Knowledge of the language of the host institution's country
  • Mandatory Learning Agreement (this must already be completed and signed by the host institution at the time of submission to the One-Stop-Shop or to the Dean of Study Affairs!)
  • Mandatory prerecognition of study projects after the stay, the actual recognition must be proven (crediting on the basis of the internship confirmation) -> target: 30 ECTS credits per semester

Traineeships for graduates

  • Possible after each completed study cycle (BA, MA, dipoloma, PhD)
  • To apply during the last academic year
  • Students must no longer be enrolled at the beginning of the internship
  • To be completed within 12 months of completing their studies


  • Grant to cover the increased cost of living abroad
  • Information sheet on subsidy rates
  • disbursed by OeAD GmbH on bank account
  • additional funds for special needs and students with children (see Fact Sheet - in German)
  • Double funding is not permitted (no further ministerial or EU funding!)
  • Payments by the traineeship employer are permissible
  • Recipients of study assistance may not apply for study assistance abroad at the same time.
  • Students must take care of sufficient insurance coverage themselves
  • Muniverse
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  • Forschungportal
  • MEDonline
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