International Office

Application and Forms

Application criteria

  • enrolled student at the Medical University of Graz
  • completion of at least 4 semesters of the curriculum (in the 5th)
  • max. age 35 years except for justifyable exceptional cases (later begin of studies, employment,...)
  • mobility to the home country is not permitted (e.g. German students going to Germany)
  • primarily applications of students in the 6th year are funded
  • students may only be funded for participation in Med Uni Graz funded programs twice during the whole period of studies (Clinical Rotations, Freemover), other programs such as CEEPUS and ERASMUS+ are exempt from this rule; only one application per academic year is possible.

Application Forms

The application documents have to be filled in on the coputer.

  • Application form with photo 
  • CV (signed)
  • Letter of Motivation (1-2 pages)
  • Letter of Invitation from the host institution (copy)
  • Learning Agreement (the document has first to be handed in at the One-Stop-Shop and has to be signed by the student, Vice-Rector for Studies and Teaching and the host institution before submitting it to the International Office; the document must be duly signed by all parties before the start of the mobility). If a signature of the host institution can not be obtained in advance, the effort to obtain the signature must be documented and the corresponding correspondence must be submitted to the OE Studymanagement in order to be able to approve any exceptions.
  • Passport copy (for non-Austrian students only)
  • Students with special needs have to hand in a confirmation from the doctor, stating the additional need for funding
  • If leave of absence from employer is granted - copy of current salary
  • Only practical experience during the CPY: a certificate of min. B2 of the language spoken in the host country has to be submitted to the OSS with the Learning Agreement

Application Deadline

  • Applications have to be emailed to the coordinator before the start of the mobilty action.
  • All documents have to be submitted in one single PDF file (Learning Ageement must contain all signatures)
  • Only complete and digitally filled out applications will be accepted!
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