International Office

Grant information

Scholarship duration

  • Clinical rotations - max. 2 months
  • Practical experience within the CPY - max. 5 weeks (worldwide); stays within Europe with a mimimum stay of 2 months may apply for ERASMUS+ SMT funding
  • AMSA Research Stays - for 4 or 8 weeks

Participants of the mobiltiy action may prolong their stay with their own funds.

Grant information

Grant rates

Only lump-sum subsidies (no full scholarships) for the cost of living and travel are allocated and vary from country to country. Grants can only be granted subject to budgetary coverage!

Due to the limited resources and the growing number of applications, only students applying for support for a foreign activity for the first time can expect to receive support in full amount of the following funding rates. Students applying for support a second time can only count on a share of the remaining funds after financing the initial applications.

In particularly justified exceptional cases (e.g. additional costs due to local mobility), these guideline values ​​may be exceeded. According to the available resources applicants with special needs may be supported separately (establishment of additional costs and medical proof necessary).

Applicants who are employed and remain on leave while receiving salaries will only receive 50% of the monthly contribution if the salary exceeds € 800,-/month.

Grants awarded by others may lead to a reduction or total denial of funding (notification requirement).

ATTENTION: If the stay abroad could be financed in accordance with study grants law, then this possibility must be used (rejection reason).

Award of Grants

The applications are assessed in a selection session by the Vice Rector for Studies and Teaching and the Advisory Board, which advises the Vice Rector. The Advisory Board consists of the Rector of Studies, the spokespersons of the study commissions Human Medicine and Dentistry, a member of the Faculty Representation for Human Medicine, a member of the Austrian Student Union as well as a representative of the International Office. The Vice rector and the advisory council discuss about the duration and amount of the funding, the final decision is taken by the Vice Rector.

Incomplete applications which are not in accordance with the conditions of tender as well as those received late are not considered in the selection sessions!

There is no legal claim to financial support!

Information on the decision of the Advisory Board

About one month after the application deadline, a letter/email will be sent to the applicants informing them about the results of the selection meeting. If funding is granted, the applicants will also receive a declaration of acceptance, which has to be filled out and returned to the International Officel. In order to obtain funding, the applicants must have a national bank account in their name.

Payment of the Grant

The grant will be transfered to the bank account of the recipient after the completion of all grant requirements. All documents have to be handed in at the International Office 2 months after the end of the stay at the latest.

  • Confirmation of stay from the host institution, stating the duration of stay (from-to) and the host department/division, signed and stamped
  • Learning Agreement "After the Mobilty"
  • Narrative report of the stay abroad (PDF). The report should include general information about the stay, specific information about the host institution and should provide other students interested in mobility to this destination, a good overview.

Should the grant not be used as previously agreed, it can be revoked even after the stay.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The recipient of the grant is required to use the funds for study and/or reseach related purposes only and must be present at the host institution at all times.
  2. The recipient has to inform the International Office of all employment that he/she is involved in during the grant period. Employment may lead to the reduction of the grant. Generall employment is permitted, as long as it does not infert with the study and/or research activities.
  3. Applicants with special needs can apply for additional funding from the International Office. In this case a statement and note(s) from (a) specialist(s) documenting the special needs must be added to the application materials.
  4. Self-organized stays at partner institutions of the ASEA-Uninet cannot be funded. Please apply thorugh the Clinical Rotations Program.
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