International Office

Medizinische Universität Graz

Erasmus+ Studierendenpraktika (SMP)

Important Information

Please be aware that there are no placements left until end of September 2018. Applications are welcome for the winter term 2018/2019, starting with October 1st!

Due to recurring problems with Hotmail email addresses, we would like to ask you to use another email provider (e.g. Gmail) when contacting us!

Information for Applicants

Students and graduates interested in an ERASMUS+ Practical Placement at the Medical University of Graz within the framework of the ERASMUS+ Program: please send an email to the contact mentioned on the right side of this website to begin the placement process.


The request should be sent at least three months in advance and contain the placement period as well as the desired department.


  • Gynecology and Obstetrics: Places for students are only available during official vacation time (February, July-September). Duration: 4 weeks only!
  • Internal Medicine: Minimum duration 1 month! German skills are recommended at all divisions, but mandatory for Endocrinology and Cardiology! Please select your preferred specialities and name some alternatives
  • Pediatrics: Places for students are only available in February and July Duration: 4 weeks only!
  • Psychiatry: German skills at least level B2 are mandatory
  • Trauma Surgery: German skills are mandatory
  • Vascular Surgery: German skills are mandatory A complete list of all departments and divisions is available in the box on the right side

Deadlines for enrollment

The International Office suggests to start with the application process at least 6 months BEFORE the planned traineeship.

  • Stays in winter term: April 1st
  • Stays in summer term: November 1st 

All information on the desired departments and the duration of your stay has to be provided at least three months prior to the intended arrival. Please note that practical placements are subject to the capacity of the departments!


What to expect and what is expected during a clinical elective

Clinical electives at the Medical University of Graz generally comprise the following tasks:

  • integration to staff at the respective clinical department
  • observation and participation in examinations, treatments and clinical rounds
  • analysis and presentation of clinical cases
  • learning about the Austrian health care model

Students agree to follow the regular routine at the respective departments. Daily presence is expected from 8 am to 4 pm or as directed by department staff. Clinical elective confirmations are only issued, if a minimum attendance of 85% is achieved. You will be enrolled as a student of the Medical University of Graz to ensure proper accident and liability insurance and to give you access to our library and other student facilities. For this enrollment, the fee for the Austrian Students' Union has to be paid (at the moment: 19,20€).

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