International Office

Medizinische Universität Graz

Università degli Studi di Genova

    During the Academic Year 2016-2017, the Medical School of the University of Genova will run the following  clinical courses in English, which will be offered in addition to the traditional courses in Italian.

    • Cardiology
    • Gastroenterology
    • Rheumatology
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Nephrology
    • Endocrinology

    All these courses will be offered during the second semester (March to June 2017), with the exception of Gastroenterology, which will be offered during the first semester (September to December 2016).

    Exchange students are strongly encouraged to enroll in these courses. For the remaining areas of study, of course, they can accede to our courses in Italian. 

    Additional information on our medical curriculum can be found in Guida allo Studente 



    Prof. Gianluca Damonte

    Delegate for InternationalExchanges

    School of Medicine

    University of Genoa

    e-mail: erasmus.medicina(at)



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